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Wild Mind Gathering is a wild conference that takes place over the Labour Day Weekend in March. The first Wild Mind took place in 2014.  The Wild Mind Gathering is an eco-psychology conference/festival that offers a chance to explore and help co-create emerging paradigms of living, that are psychologically rich and ecologically sound and sustainable.

Wild Mind is a generative gathering, a wild conference! It is a coming together of people who are interested in exploring new ideas and experiences related to embodiment and environment. We will spend three days, talking, swimming, dancing, planting, workshopping, meditating and eating together. 

The themes for the Wild Mind Gathering are:

  • Embodiment

  • Environment

  • Empowerment.

In most areas of human inquiry including ecology, psychology, and philosophy, there is a growing consensus that the idea that humans are separate from the environment and the rest of existence is misguided. The recognition that we are embedded both physically and spiritually within something bigger than ourselves is where this conversation starts. The invitation is to explore from here together.

We are the ones we've been waiting for!

One of the things that sets Wild Mind apart is that we are all facilitators. That's right! Everyone who comes to Wild Mind offers something of themselves. Booking a place involves a willingness on your part to offer something.

This is really what makes the for Wild Mind magic. It is an opportunity to share what you know, what you love, what interests you! This might take the form of a small sharing, a class, a workshop, art-making, a talk, music, poetry, a presentation on an inspiring book you've read, hosting a discussion on an interesting topic etc. A chance to share your knowledge, skills and interest in a relaxed supportive space. You'll have between 1-2 hours for your offering...