Eco-psychotherapy sessions are conducted on Fridays in parkland near Fairfield, Melbourne. At this stage eco-psychotherapy is only available to clients who are already working with me in therapy.


Eco-psychotherapy is an emerging branch of psychotherapy that seeks to repair and deepen the human/nature connection for the benefit of both the individual and the planet. In a general sense eco-psychotherapy works by helping the individual come into alignment with herself whilst also coming into alignment with the natural world. This dual focus can lead to profound experiences that go beyond simple health and wellbeing.

Eco-psychotherapy sessions take place in a natural setting and typically involve both walking and sitting. I currently only work with clients outdoors after a number of standard psychotherapy sessions in which we establish the key themes of our work, and a good working relationship. This way of working is well suited to clients who feel clearly called to work with nature and already have a securely established level of resilience and self-insight.

I have been researching and teaching eco-psychotherapy for over five years. If you are interested in learning more about eco-psychotherapy sessions, please get in touch. In the meantime, you may also be interested to read my blog entry on eco-psychology or learn a little about my research into contact with nature.