MEN and Psychotherapy


Please note: while working with men has become a focus in recent years, my practice is inclusive and I work effectively with people of any gender and sexual orientation.


In recent years, working with men has become a focus of my practice. This is not something I have deliberately sought out, but has emerged over time. 

In some cases men have come to me because they feel they want to work with a male psychotherapist - this could be related to specific male issues, or simply a desire for a more direct and engaged form of psychotherapy and counselling. In other cases, my female counselling colleagues have referred their male clients to me, feeling that the issues arising in session could be better addressed with a male therapist. 

Some men are heartened by the fact that I myself am a father, a partner, a son, and a brother, and have a capacity to empathise with their experience of being a man in the 21st century. Others appreciate the fact that I'm not going to diagnose them with a mental illnesses or prescribe medication. They like the fact that I have trained in a broad number of psychotherapeutic modalities but practice within a non-medical framework. 

Over time, and through word of mouth, more and more men have sought me out for psychotherapy.  Now - after 8 years - more than half of my clients are male, and I have successfully helped a great many men improve themselves and better serve their families & communities. 

I now identify working with men as a key focus of my psychotherapeutic practice. If you are a man who is contemplating counselling, and you would like to learn more, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Some of the reasons men work with me:

  • Feeling stuck

  • Improving communication

  • Seeking self-understanding

  • Finding a greater sense of purpose

  • Issues with anger

  • Being a better father

  • Improving relationships

  • Living a more authentic life

  • Feeling stressed

  • Feeling down

  • Seeking insight

Men's Issues