The Emergence of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

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In May of 2019, I was invited to join the advisory board of Mind Medicine Australia (MMA). Mind Medicine Australia is “a charity that enables the development of regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of mental ill-health in Australia.” In anticipation of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy achieving legal status in the coming years, MMA have sought me out to help them to begin developing their Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy training program - giving psychotherapists the skills they need to successfully support clients in this work.

For largely political reasons, psychedelic research and therapy has been substantially constrained since 1970. However, the past decade has seen a resurgence in psychedelic research, alongside a decline in associated stigmas, and an increase in interest within the general population, the scientific community, and politics.
— From the Mind Medicine Australia website

My Experience


Much of my work under the banner of Wild Mind employs non-ordinary states of consciousness to support health and wholeness. This work is grounded in various state-change technologies including dance/movement, nature-based practices and a variety of other psychotherapeutic processes. Another state-change technology that has been used by human beings across many cultures and for thousands of years is plant medicine or its modern-day equivalent, psychedelics.

While I do not facilitate psychedelic journeys for legal reasons, I often work with members of the Melbourne medicine community in a psychotherapeutic capacity, supporting the exploration and integration of psychedelic experiences. You can read more about this in an article I wrote for in 2015.

In working with MMA I will draw upon these experiences, along with my experience in academia - developing courses in psychotherapy and training psychotherapists since 2011. I look forward to working with MMA towards developing a world class psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy training program and ensuring that Australia in a key player in this new health frontier.

The past decade has seen renewed interest and progress in psychedelic-assisted therapies. In rigorous and well-controlled clinical trials, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (using classical psychedelics such as psilocybin, and related compounds such as MDMA) has produced remarkable clinical outcomes for individuals suffering with addiction, depression, end-of-life distress, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
— From the Mind Medicine Australia website