VENUES (See images Below!)

We will be utilising 6 main venues over the gathering.  We encourage facilitators to consider which venue best suits their offering.  These are described below.  Please consider others when choosing your venue.  Things to think about are weather, power, capacity.  Most offerings had between 5 and 15 participants last year.

Big Yurt:
This is a traditional Mongolian Yurt.  It is a cosy large circular space, perfect for story telling, discussions, meditation etc.

  • Indoor
  • Capacity = 18 people 
  • Size = 6m Diameter
  • Power = Yes

Little Yurt:
This is a Soul-Pad tent that is suitable for intimate gatherings/discussions.

  • Indoor
  • Capacity = 10 people 
  • Size = 4m Diameter
  • Power = No

Gypsy Marquee:
An old-school festival marquee with rugs and cushions.  This will be used for most of the small musical acts, and open mic.

  • Indoor
  • Capacity = 25 people 
  • Size = 4x7m
  • Power = Yes

The Big Top:
A circus style large circular marquee, down by the creek.

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Capacity = 40 people 
  • Size = 10m Diameter
  • Power = No

Barn upstairs:  
This is the main structure on the property and is suitable for large groups and activities like yoga, dance, movement meditation etc.  We will have a mixer and 15-inch PA setup in this space.  (Apologies for Photo)

  • Indoor
  • Capacity = 40 people 
  • Size = 8x8m
  • Power = Yes

Outdoor Deck:
A wooden deck in a beautiful setting by the creek.  Perfect for yoga, small dances, meditation, qi gong etc.

  • Outdoor
  • Capacity = 20 people 
  • Size = 6x7m
  • Power = No

Various Outdoor Locations
There are lots of wonderful nooks and crannies on the property.  If you wish share an offering on the land we recommend assembling at the information area at the appointed time before moving on. This is suitable for nature appreciation, walking meditations, permaculture activities etc.


  • The Dam 
  • The Creek
  • The Bush Gully