Note: The original site for the Wild Mind Gathering was Wild Dog Valley.  This is its "spiritual" home. However due to ongoing local Council concerns, in 2015 the gathering was held in Kinglake, and moving forward will be held at other venues around Victoria. 


Wild Dog is 65 acres of land in South-West Gippsland... It is an emerging eco-venue.  It is currently very rustic.  Our hope for the property in the coming years is that it be a place where people go to experience nature, and creatively re-imagine their place in the family of things...  

There is a beautiful dam for swimming about 500m from the main site.  There is a small creek running the length of the property that is suitable for swimming most of the year.  While our children have grown up playing in and around this creek we do ask that parents of young children be vigilant.

Drinkable rain water is available at the barn.  This is 50-100m from camping area.

The event will be fully catered.  You will be fed 9 meals!   There will also be tea available.  We heartily encourage you to bring snacks.  Please do not bring glass, alcohol, drugs, or camp cookers of any sort.  If you wish to smoke, please bring something to use as a portable ashtray.   Please bring a bowl, cup, plate, and cutlery.  The very small kitchen that is in the barn will be made available to parents for preparation of meals for children with particular dietary needs. 

Bring bathers or your birthday suit.  Lovely spots to swim.

We have recently had three composting toilets installed.  There are no showers on site.   However there is hot running water and large troughs that are suitable for washing children.  The dam and creek are great for a cleansing dip. :-)

All cars will be parked along the no through road.  Campers will have the opportunity to drop off their belongings at the gate and then park.  There is a 100m walk to camp sites.

Unfortunately at this stage we cannot accommodate these vehicles.  All campers must bring tents.

* * *